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Lotus - Damian 6ft x 6.5ft - Bonnell Spring Mattress - Super Firm - 11"

₨ 99,500.00 ₨ 99,500.00 99500.0 NPR

₨ 99,500.00

Lotus - Damian 6ft x 6.5ft - Bonnell Spring Mattress - Super Firm - 11"


₨ 99,500.00 ₨ 99,500.00 99500.0 NPR

₨ 99,500.00

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    New Foam Spring Mattress model Damian from LOTUS. Highlighted with LOTUS SUPER BONNEL® Series: 6 Turns 2.30 (7 ”) Super Firm - Ideal for extra firm comfort lover and heavy weight support. Better overall weight balance due to higher turns of each coil up to 6 turns or 7 ”in height. Weight Pressure is relieved and dispersed in both vertical and horizontal direction through the movement of the inner coil, thus better weight balance is achieved with every slight movement of the body.

    The mattress height 11 inches. Sleep safe with 10 years warranty.

    LOTUS mattress - Damian series
    Lotus Mattress - Damian 4

    Mattress Height
    Extra thick layer mattress


    HD Comfort foam
     elevated HD Comfort Soft tight H28 Firm type 65mm. H23 Medium plush type 20mm.


    Lotus Series 6 Turns (7 ″) smart spring
    balances pressure perfectly. With the vertical load of the coil spring


    Ideal Firm Comfort
    Soft and firm perfectly. Solve back pain problems directly

    Lotus Mattress - Damian 5

    Comfort Level
    Feels "soft and firm" without back pain.

    Dust protection

    Suck, healthy fiber,
    prevent dust and dirty substances, one of the causes of dust mites


    Cotton Knit
    outer covering fabric Soft touch Gentle on the skin


    System to reduce pressure and help blood circulation,
    Stressfree Foam Sheet, Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fiber, 380 gsm

    Lotus Mattress - Damian 6

    Auto Air Circulation
    , automatic continuous ventilation system with large vents.

    The coating helps to stop dust mites.

    Skin care
    AloeVera coating protects the skin, helps inhibit dust mites. It also helps to preserve the skin of the body.

    Weight support system:

    • LOTUS Series smart spring: 6 Turns 2.30 (7 inches) Super Firm is ideal for supporting extra heavy loads and flexibility, can be balanced by natural pressure With a vertical but distributed weight Or dissolve the pressure in the horizontal direction of the spring ball.

    Support / weight distribution balance system: 

    • ECCP (2-ply) compressed cotton fiber sheet, reinforced on the weight-bearing spring system. To help strengthen But maintains the smoothness in every movement of the spring ball
    • HD Comfort Foam H28 (Firm type) 65 mm.
    • HD Comfort foam, good soft type H23 (Medium Plush type) 20 mm.


    • Firm and Comfortable - Ideal Firm

    Lotus Mattress - Damian 7

    Outer covering fabric:

    • Cotton Knit

    Pressure relief system And help blood circulation:   

    • Stressfree foam, firm foam, 30 mm.
    • Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fiber 380 gsm (7 cells).

    Health coatings:

    • Sanicare® natural vegetable extracts Permanent inhibition of the growth of dust mites
    • Allergy Protection protects and prevents allergy.
    • Aloe-Vera® extracted from Aloe Vera. Restore moisture to your skin.

    Ventilation system:

    • Auto Air Circulation® automatic ventilation continuously. Through a layer of material with a well-ventilated structure.

    10 years warranty

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