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Zinus Ada - Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper 6ft ×6.5ft - Thickness 4cm
₨ 21,400.00 ₨ 18,190.00 18190.0 NPR
Memory Foam - Conforming + Comfy
CERTIPUR-US® Certified - Tested + Perfected
Soft Texture, Airy and Durability for pleasant sleeping environment
Removable zipper for easy washing
Anti-slip cover
Lotus - Companion Latex Topper 5ft x 6.5ft Thickness - 5cm
₨ 19,300.00 ₨ 19,300.00 19300.0 NPR
New Latex Topper model Companion-I from LOTUS. Highlighted with the raw materials used to produce Companion Topper mattress, made from natural rubber foam. Through a special compact process 25 mm. (Micro Companion) from Belgium Copyright from Lotus Comes with a Push Back Support system to help dissipate pressure and help distribute weight more efficiently than normal rubber. With extra tightness But still maintaining softness in every touch. Comes with mattress cover made from fabric combined with natural fibers.

Topper can be placed extra on your mattress to rise. If you feel that your mattress is too short, it also helps your mattress to sleep more comfortably. If the old mattress or new mattress that you just bought is very tight or not comfortable sleeping.
Lotus - Companion Latex Topper 6ft x 6.5ft Thickness - 2"
₨ 21,800.00 ₨ 21,800.00 21800.0 NPR