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Bricko-L/Tall Cabinet TVSC120
₨ 43,300.00 ₨ 43,300.00 43300.0 NPR
The Bricko TVSC-120 TV Shelf Is Designed To Be a Shelf For Items. For The Benefit Of Use And For Beauty There Is a Design That Clearly Indicates The Style. By Combining The Material Between Black Steel And Natural Wood Trim Perfectly, The Back Has a Hole For The Orderly Order. And Convenience In Use Need To Be Hung On The Wall For Maximum Security.
Zereno Tall Cabinet CT60-Wenge/White
₨ 39,100.00 ₨ 39,100.00 39100.0 NPR
Tall Zereno Contemporary Style Cabinet Lindberg Oak. Complements The Strikingness Of Your Entertainment Corner. Beautiful With Natural Wood Trim. Aluminum Edge, Glossy Finish. Able To Keep Things Fully.
Spazz Tall Cabinet/ CT60-Royal Acacia
₨ 22,300.00 ₨ 22,300.00 22300.0 NPR
SB Furniture, 60 cm Height Cabinet, Spazz, Storage Cabinet, Living Room, Modern Italian Style, Shelves Can Hold Maximum Load 5 Kg Per Layer, Available in 4 Colors: Canyon Oak / I-Twist , Royal Acacia / I-Twist and Expresso / G-Twist, available at SB Furniture.
Spazz Tall Cabinet CT30/G-Twist
₨ 14,700.00 ₨ 14,700.00 14700.0 NPR
Spazz Tall Cabinet CT30-Ivory Twist
₨ 14,700.00 ₨ 14,700.00 14700.0 NPR
Maximus Tall Cabinet HC60/DOO5-180-Wenge
₨ 27,400.00 ₨ 27,400.00 27400.0 NPR
Maximus Cabinet, Modern Style, Wenge Color, High Cabinet that Reflects Luxury with 2 open Doors, Silver Handle, Silver Handle Perfectly Natural wood trim Recommend to Secure the wall.
Maximus cabinets (60 cm wide), 31 cm deep and 2 sizes to choose from. The height is 125 cm and 185 cm. With plenty of storage functions. Help increase orderliness in your home. The front door is a left door. Convenient handle The device has been tested and can be opened and closed more than 30,000 times. Maximus cabinets are available in 3 colors: wenge, Walnut and white hi-gloss.
Maximus Cabinet HC60/DHO05-180-White
₨ 40,800.00 ₨ 40,800.00 40800.0 NPR
Maximus Cabinet, Modern Style, Open Front, Hi-gl
Gloss White Shiny Material Can Be Added According To Usage Modern wWth The Lifestyle Of The New Generation.

Maximus Cabinets (60 cm wide),  31 cm Deep And 2 Sizes To Choose From. The Height Is 125 cm And 185 cm. With Plenty Of Storage Functions. Help Increase Orderliness In Your Home. The Front Door Is a Left Door. Convenient Handle The Device Has Been Tested And Can Be Opened And Closed More Than 30,000 Times. Maximus Cabinets Are Available In 3 Colors: Wenge , Walnut And White Hi-Gloss.
Marzera Tall Cabinet Carrara CT60-Wenge
₨ 31,800.00 ₨ 31,800.00 31800.0 NPR
Marzela Modern Style High Cabinet, Carve Matt Color, 60 cm size, with 3 Shelves, Beautiful Modern Style Combining Luxury With Marble Pattern Material Perfectly Add Atmosphere To The Beautiful Room.
Marzera (Marcelo Ferreira)  Collection: New. Modern style Latest trends Complete with complete functions. Elegant design with white PHG material, white marble pattern cut "Valakas color" that will help to make your room atmosphere elegant and increase the perspective of the room to look wide and comfortable. Both decorative eyebrows, aluminum edge. Distinctive with luxury for your room.Cabinetshowcase Marzera ( Marseera )   Multipurpose Cabinet That helps increase storage space And add more beauty to your home entertainment set Beautiful, modern with wood trim door Clean white marble pattern Equipped with an open door storage function, the equipment has been tested and can be opened and closed more than 30,000 times. Marseera cabinets are available in two types: high open doors and open doors and shelves and doors. Mirror with light
Hezzen Tall Cabinet CT60-Legato/Denim/Dark Grey
₨ 44,900.00 ₨ 44,900.00 44900.0 NPR
Hezzen Tall Cabinet CT60-Lindberg Oak
₨ 44,900.00 ₨ 44,900.00 44900.0 NPR
Perco Plus Tall Cabinet CT-30 - Espresso
₨ 20,900.00 ₨ 20,900.00 20900.0 NPR
PURCO PLUS high cabinet, modern style, espresso color, size 30 cm, high cabinet that can be placed in any area in the house And can also be attached to the wardrobe to be an additional tall cabinet to store more items as well
Perco Tall Cabinet CT-40 - White/Wenge
₨ 17,700.00 ₨ 17,700.00 17700.0 NPR
Zereno Tall Cabinet CT80-Wenge
₨ 51,100.00 ₨ 51,100.00 51100.0 NPR
Zereno Tall Cabinet CT80 - Lindberg Oak/Dark Grey
₨ 51,100.00 ₨ 51,100.00 51100.0 NPR